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The Muslim University of Morogoro was founded by the Muslim Development Foundation (MDF) on 23rd October, 2004 by a Charter proclaimed by MDF, the proprietors of the University. Studies commenced in 2005/2006.

The University is located north of the magnificent Uluguru Mountains, some 4 km from the centre of Morogoro Municipality, about 300m off the Morogoro-Dodoma highway and just about 10-minutes’ walk from the main bus terminal at Msamvu. The campus, surrounded by a wall and set in beautiful gardens, covers about 18 hectares.

The objectives of the Muslim University of Morogoro (MUM) are to advance education through a variety of patterns, levels and modes of study and  by encouraging and developing learning and creativity, for the benefit of the community, specifically the Muslim community in the United Republic of Tanzania and beyond; to preserve, advance and disseminate knowledge and culture through teaching, scholarship and research, and to make available the results of such research; and to promote wisdom and understanding by example and, to develop the character of its students and staff by virtue of its corporate life guided by Islamic moral values.

In response to the changes that are taking place, the University Library is in the process of computerizing its library services, subscription of full text electronic journals and creation of Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) for library resources.  Other measures taken are the introduction of a rigorous user training programme in Information Literacy.


To become a higher education centre of excellence in information provision in Tanzania. The aim is to fulfill the vision of the MUM University which aims at being a higher education centre of excellence with cutting edge programmes, responsive to the needs of the individual and the nation in a globalized world under the guidance of Islamic moral values.


To provide scholarly information resources to its academic community to support the core functions of the University, that is teaching, research, consultancy and service to the community.

Our Sections

Readers' Services

The main objective of this Section is to fulfill the Library’s Service Mission by meeting Users’ Information Needs.

Technical Services

This Section includes professional activities like Cataloguing, Classification, and Acquisitions of Library Materials.

Information & Communication Technology Service

This section is responsible for providing and controlling electronic resources through subscribed and unsubscribed databases, and also administer all MUM library systems.

Our Collections

Special Reserve Collection

This collection includes all core books recommended to be used in all courses offered at MUM. The books in this section are not allowed to be borrowed outside the library.

Reference Collection

This collection includes all core reference books including Encyclopedia Britannica, World Books, Handbooks, Dictionaries, Directories, Yearbook, e.t.c

General Collection

This collection includes all required books on different subjects which are offered at the university. The books in this section are allowed to be borrowed outside the library.

Periodicals Collection

The Periodicals Collection includes Journals, Research Reports, Magazines, Newspapers and Government Publications e.g. Hansards.

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