Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains your frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who is the author of the book?

It can be the person, group of people or the organization responsible for writing the concerned book.

How to write references and bibliography?

Reference or bibliography should consist all important bibliographic information such us; title of the book, author/ editor, edition of the book if available, publisher, place of publication and year of publication. All this information can be obtained from the title page. For more details kindly visit our library.

Do you have books on all subjects?

The library consists of physical and electronic information resources on a wide range of subject offered at our University.

Where are the books on such subjects?

Search our online library catalogue through OPAC by subject to locate all books we have on the concerned subject.

Why reference books are not allowed to be borrowed?

Because they have many short entries on a broad range of topics. This makes them helpful to many users who are starting their research or who need quick information about a subject. As for that reason, we want to make sure these books are available to users by always keeping them in the library.

How do we search materials on the Internet?

The Library offers Information Literacy Training Programme (ILTP) which equips our users on how to search for information, evaluate information, and how to use information. This training can be offered to a single user or group of users. For more information kindly visit our library.

Why the books on our course are very few?

Our library does not have many physical books, but we have enough electronic resources to meet our users’ needs. Visit our library to learn more about electronic resources.

How can I use the book to answer questions effectively?

You must have a topic or concept of the subject you want to search from the book

Explore the Table of Contents of the Book and locate the topic

Check on the Index at the back of the book and locate the topic and page number in which the answer might possibly be given.

Assist me on how to select a title for my research

The following is a procedure:

  • Select a topic of your choice
  • Search into the Library to find out if similar research topics have been done by other scholars: Search on the Card Catalogue, Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), Free databases like Research4life and Google Scholar and Subscribed Databases like Justor, Oxford, Emerald and EBSCO Host.
  • Consult the Librarian whenever you are stuck.

How can I register so that I can be able to access Information?

  • In order to register for borrowing books, come physically to the library or registration. You will be assisted on how to register.
  • If you want to access electronic resources, you are not required to register as long as you are connected with the MUM Internet.

I lost my reader’s ticket what should I do?

For a student who lost the reader’s ticket, he/she should come straight to the library with passport size photographs in order to get new ones. N.B.: A fine for 1 reader’s ticket = TZS 500, more than 1 is TZS 1000.

Which books are allowed to be borrowed out of the library?

All books which are available in the General Collection.

How can I search for books from the Library?

You can access library materials in the following ways:

  • Printed books can be accessed through library catalogues. While you are on the catalogue write keywords of your choice to select the book you want, then copy down the ”call number” (e.g. 340.59HAQ) of the book so that you can locate it on the shelf.
  • On the MUM Library Website there are a number of Electronic Resources which include electronic books and electronic journals. You will be able to see some databases with free e-books listed under multidisciplinary resources.

I am a new student. How can I get books for my academic programme?

Please visit the Library for the Orientation Programme, whereby you will be instructed on how to access library resources, both printed and electronic.

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