General Regulations

Follow our general regulations

General Guidelines
i. Any reader leaving the library should declare their possessions at the counter for inspection.
ii. Handbags, files, folders, envelops and any holders are not allowed in the library beyond the baggage area.
iii. All cell phones (mobiles) MUST be switched off or put on vibration or silent mode before entering the library
iv. Library seats are not to be booked by users either for their own personal use or for friends.
v. There should be peace and tranquility within the premises, any breach of this can lead to drastic disciplinary action taken against the culprit by the librarian.
vi. Do not mutilate, steal or tear library books or any other library material.
vii. Do not smoke, drink, chew gum, eat or make noise in the library.

i. A fine will be charged on books overdue at 200/= per book per day, and 300/= for special reserve collection or reference books taken for photocopy out of the library and not returned the same day.
ii. Any user who loses a library book/material will be required to pay an equivalent amount of money for the lost book or purchase a similar/relevant copy as replacement.
iii. Overdue fines will continue to accumulate even after the loss of the book has been reported and the user will also pay the accrued overdue fines.
iv. Users who attempt stealing or damaging Library materials will lead to disciplinary action being taken against them.

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