Loan Guidelines

Follow our loan guidelines

Registered members will be able to enjoy the borrowing facilities offered by the library in the following categories

  1. Faculty: maximum of six (6) books for two (2) weeks.

  2. Staff: maximum of two (2) books for one (1) week.

  3. Students: maximum of two (2) books for one (1) week.

Loan duration

How long a user stays with a loaned material will depend on which category of items he/she has borrowed as shown below:

  1. Long term loans – category of books borrowed for one (1) week.

  2. Short term loans – borrowed for one (1) hour and not borrowed out of the library

  3. Reference books – borrowed and used within the library.


Members who wish to extend the loan period of library materials under their custody are eligible for renewal as long as nobody also has reserved the book/material.


Members who wish to borrow books that are already on loan to other users can place a reservation on the items so that items upon return, cannot be renewed.


The librarian can recall books already borrowed to a user before the loan period is over to facilitate use of the materials by another user.

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